In what order do I use the facial skin care products?*

Cleanse with Wash or Green Tea Cleanser, Exfoliate with Scrub or Apricot Grape seed Exfoiliator, Moisturize with Apple Stem Cell Moisturizer, Renew or Moisturize (for ultra-dry skin, Hydrate or Nourish Oil may be used).  Dab Eye Serum underneath the delicate eye area and spot treat (as needed) with Lighten, Firm or Repair and finish with Tone aloe spray under or over make-up for a radiantly flawless finish.

*For more information on in Spa services, contact a M’lis Educator

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That is too many products. What products can I take out?

Everyone needs a good cleanser and moisturizer so you don’t strip the protective mantle.  Next, decide what you are most concerned about and talk with your M’lis professional to find the right product to fit your need.  (ie:  Hyperpigmentation, acne, spider veins, puffy eyes, overly dry skin etc.)

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How long do the results last after a lift mask?

Results will be permanent with appropriate nutrition, removal of unhealthy environmental factors (ie smoking), and the addition of a proper skin care regimen.

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How often can you have a glycolic peel?

A Glycolic peel may be received every 3 days to encourage healthy cellular turnover.

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How soon can I expect to see results from the Lighten?

It depends how dark the pigmentation is, the health of your skin and your skin care regimen but you will likely see improvement within 30 days.

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Why would I use the wash vs. the green tea cleanser?

Wash – Formulated to penetrate pores for the deepest cleanse possible without over drying the skin or causing further irritation. It is ideal for oily or acne prone skin.

Green Tea Cleanser – Our Green Tea Cleanser was formulated for all skin types and is particularly effective for anti-aging, photo damaged and sensitive skin types.

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Why would I use Lighten vs. a hydroquinone?

Hydroquinone is synthetic.  If you go out in the sun, it can darken the area and when you quit using it, you can have re-bound pigmentation.

The kojic acid in M’lis Lighten is all natural and just as effective without the negative results you get from hydroquinone.

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When I apply Lighten it feels tacky, what can I do to prevent that?

Allow the product to dry completely on your skin before applying anything on top of it.

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The new M’Lis Skincare Trio gives me a reaction. Why do I have a reaction to natural and organic products and not to synthetic products?

It is very rare that anyone would have a reaction to our all-natural products.  Allergic reactions only happen with proteins and most people are not going to be exposed to synthetic protein, but non synthetic have LOTS of proteins.

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