Wholesale Customer Return Policy

The M’Lis Company return policy is 30-day replacement or credit guarantee on all products. The product must be returned to us in re-sellable condition. (Meaning no damage, scuff marks or other types of labels.) Beyond the 30-day time frame, herbs can be returned, but there is a 35% restocking fee. Any creams or lotions can’t be returned beyond the 30-day time period. You will need to pay for all shipping charges. You must call before you send anything back, to make sure that the product is returnable. Contact Customer Service at 1-800-548-0569. If a customer returns something to you, you must return the unused portion of the product to us with a letter explaining the circumstances. We will then replace the same product to you. We do not issue credit towards other items on client returns – we only replace the same item.

Internet Sales Policy

The M’lis online sales policy has been created as a guideline for M’lis accounts who are selling or would like to sell MLIS products over the internet.

Included in this policy

We are providing you with this information with respect to the sales of M’lis products over the internet in order for you to make an informed decision concerning the way you are selling M’lis products. Because they are closely related, we are also including the proper use of M’lis trademarks, the M’lis return policy and the M’lis logo use policy.

Policy adherence

Please take the time to read these documents carefully. M’lis requires adherence to this policy in its entirety, and we ask that you pay particular attention to our statements with respect to sales outside of the United States, patient consultations and the proper use of our intellectual property. M’lis reserves the right to independently monitor compliance of this policy.

Prohibited Resale

M’lis prohibits resale of professional treatment products. BODY CONTOUR WRAPS and M’lis Glycolic are professional use only.

Practice affiliation

M’lis requires all internet-based operations be associated with a physical spa or wellness center, who employs a certified M’lis wellness consultant.

Personal Consultation

M’lis requests that online sales operations encourage customers to consult their physician and wellness consultant with preexisting conditions or health concerns.  The M’lis Company and its programs offers Holistic therapies.  These therapies are not for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, alleviating, mitigating, curing, preventing or caring for any disease.


M’lis Company requires anyone consulting clients regarding their nutrition be trained by M’lis.  Training opportunities are available nationally via live and recorded webinars, in basic and advanced training throughout the country and three times a year in Salt Lake City, UT.

Daily Care Sales

M’lis believes its policy promotes the effective use of nutritional supplementation, programs and skincare.   M’lis Company limits its sales of products to licensed business professionals, retail purchasers of M’lis products will receive quality, professional counseling and advice needed for effective selection and use of M’lis products.

M’lis products are to be sold at Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).  M’lis discourages discounting practices.  Periodic promotions can be utilized with M’lis educator assistance.

Advertising and Promotional Copy

M’lis prohibits the use of terms such as “low price”, “lowest price”, “save money”, or any similar wording with respect to M’lis products.  This includes an invitation to call, email or otherwise communicate to obtain a price if that price will be lower than MSRP.

Internet URLS are prohibited from using “MLIS” in the website name.

To preserve the value of the M’lis trademark, attention to detail is important.  M’lis branding include Logos, Medallions, Colors and Patterns that are specific for each product category.  Cleanse, Nutrition, Personalized Solutions, Contour, and Skincare have branding elements unique to respective categories.  All details, images and designs are available with detailed instructions on accounts.mlis.com.  Access to these and all other marketing materials will be made available to accounts by an assigned M’lis educator.

M’lis must approve all internet-based advertising and promotional campaigns involving M’lis products before they go live, as well as any changes to existing campaigns.

Prohibited Resale

M’lis prohibits the resale of its products on internet sites not owned exclusively by the associated account.  M’lis products may not be sold on third-party sites such as eBay, Yahoo!, Drugstore.com, Amazon.com and the like.

Mlis prohibits the resale of M’lis product whose packaging or tamper seals have been opened before sale.

M’lis prohibits the resale of M’lis product after the expiration date.  All product has a shelf life, which can be obtained by calling your M’lis educator.

M’lis may at any time modify, suspend or discontinue this Policy, in whole or in part, at its sole discretion.

M’lis sales personnel have no authority to modify or grant exceptions to this policy. All questions regarding the interpretation of this Policy must be directed to M’lisa Jackson, President, at 1-800-548-0569 ext. 106.