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Product Code: 8MLS CDK

Discover how amazing you can look and feel when your body is truly clean. The essential detoxifying herbs in this kit gently cleanse vital organs and the intestinal tract to breathe new life and energy into the entire body!
  • Quantity Available: 10+
This Kit Contains:

*M'lis Detoxification Kit used in conjunction with a M'lis Candida Program.

What is the difference between the M’lis Detoxification Kit and M’lis Total Body Cleanse Kit?

M’lis Detoxification Kit has three separate bottles:  Detox, Cleanse and Fiber. Essential Greens are not in M’lis Detoxification Kit. M’lis Total Body Cleanse Kit has a combination of supplement packets and Essential Greens stick-packs in the right dose and ready-to-use for an on-the-go lifestyle. Additionally, the fiber in each kit is different. The fiber in M’lis Detoxification Kit is Wheat Bran and Psyllium (gluten-free). In the Total Body Cleanse kit, the fiber is Konjac Root Fiber (gluten-free).

What is included in M’lis Detoxification Kit?

M’lis Detoxification Kit contains three separate supplement bottles: Detox, Cleanse, and Fiber.

What are toxins?

Toxins are anything in our everyday use products, food, and environment that are at least non-helpful but potentially harmful to our health.

Can anyone detoxify using the M'lis Detoxification Kit?

One should avoid cleansing if they're pregnant, nursing, on blood thinners, have type 1 diabetes, or going through treatment for cancer.

Can I detoxify if I have hypoglycemia?

Detoxifying is especially beneficial to those with hypoglycemia. Just be sure that you use only 100% pure maple syrup in the lemon juice mixture. Honey or other sweeteners will trigger an unhealthy insulin response. M'lis Slender Aid will also help to regulate blood sugar levels.

Can I just do three days of detox?

The M’lis Detoxification Kit was designed to be used for seven days so that the user may achieve the greatest benefit. There are two prep days beforethe three day liquid cleanse to help prep the body and two subsequent days following the three liquiddays to ease the body back into whole foods. (If addicted to nicotine or caffeine, domore than two days prep.)

How often can I do a detox?

In the long-run, the M'lis Detoxification Kit can be used three to four times each year as a part of a health maintenance and prevention program.

Can I exercise while detoxing?

Light exercise such as yoga, walking or stretching is okay. Heavy exercise is not recommended.

How does detoxing affect cellulite?

Cellulite is waste material trapped in connective tissue and fat cells, and it is very resistant to ordinary dieting and exercise. Detoxification cleanses the intestinal tract and the body’s liquid waste system, thereby speeding up the elimination of toxins from the body, which aids in cellulite removal. Improved results can be achieved when done in conjunction with M'lis Contour Body Wraps.

Can I drink more than two bottles of lemon mixture?

Yes! There are many benefits of detoxing but none of them involve starving or depriving yourself. If you're extremely low in energy you may take 1 tbsp of Maple Syrup followed up with one cup of distilled water. If you feel that your body needs more calories, drink additional bottles of the lemon mixture as needed.

What is the caloric value of the mixture?

Each bottle of the lemonade mixture contains roughly 624 calories to be consumed twice daily. 

Are there any traces of gluten in the Fiber?

Our fiber is certified gluten-free.

Why is it important to use distilled water?

Distilled water is free of the chemicals and bacteria that can be found in ordinary tap water. Drinking distilled water on a detox will help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Why is it important to use 100% pure maple syrup?

Pure maple syrup contains many minerals and vitamins. For this reason, it will provide the body with energy. Additionally, pure maple syrup is a balanced, natural sweetener and can be used without causing an insulin response.

Why is it important to use natural lemons in the mixture?

Natural lemons contain essential vitamins and minerals that are imperative to the detoxing process. Artificial and concentrated lemon juices lack these benefits.

Are there alternatives to lemons in the mixture?

Although it best to utilize the mixture as it was originally designed, if one is unable to use the lemon in the recipe, one may use diluted pure vegetable juice in its place.

If I do need to use vegetable juice instead of the lemon mixture, how do I do it?

You would use the diluted pure vegetable juice (1 part vegetable juice to 3 parts water) in place of the lemon mixture onthe liquid days. This means no maple syrup. Additionally, if you choose veggies, make sure you are juicing themvs. putting in a blender.

Why can't I use fruit juice?

Fruit juice is high on the glycemic index (too sweet) and will inhibit your body from maximizing results.

How much weight will I lose?

This is a cleansing detox. People generally lose 5-7 pounds but much of that s fecal waste material. If weight loss is your goal, continue your healthy nutritional plan with M'lis Weight Loss Packets and M'lis M.R.P.

Will detoxing help my skin?

YES!! Skin is an eliminative organ. It may get worse before it gets better. Just remember that “healthy skin begins within”.

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