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Product Code: ML GREENSTUB

These leafy lovelies spend days on end soaking up good vibes from the sun and sipping on pH-balancing nutrients. Sourced responsibly from sunny organic fields, this splash of greens gathers up health and beauty loving benefits that will last you a lifetime.
  • Quantity Available: 10+

Alkalize your body for better overall health and beauty benefits that are as fresh as the ingredients themselves! These superfood phytonutrients are plucked at their prime to give you on-the-go, instantaneous energy.

This product helps to:

• Reduce inflammation
• Build-up the immune system
• Manages weight
• Regulate the pH of the body
Pucker-up beautiful! For a wave of health and beauty super powers, packetized in one convenient -follow you wherever you go- pouch. Mix one to two packets daily with water to fit your needs. Whether you shoot it with 2 oz, sip on it with 12 oz, or chug it down the way it was intended (with 6-8 oz), you'll see and feel the benefits. You won't want to miss a day!
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