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Product Code: ML GREENS

These leafy lovelies spend days on end soaking up good vibes from the sun and sipping on pH-balancing nutrients. Sourced responsibly from sunny organic fields, this splash of greens gathers up health and beauty loving benefits that will last you a lifetime.
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Alkalize your body for better overall health and beauty benefits that are as fresh as the ingredients themselves! These superfood phytonutrients are plucked at their prime to give you on-the-go, instantaneous energy.

This product helps to:

• Reduce inflammation
• Build-up the immune system
• Manages weight
• Regulate the pH of the body

Will M'lis Essential Greens help me with low-energy?

ESSENTIAL GREENS helps support the body's natural energy. It is perfect for those feeling sluggish that need a worry-free pick-me-up. (Other M'lis natural energy products include ENZYME, THYROID, and VITAMIN B12)

What is the primary energy-inducing ingredient in the M'lis Essential Greens?

Siberian Ginseng

Is there an ideal time-of-day to drink my M'lis Essential Greens?

Take your on-the-go ESSENTIAL GREENS packets before 2 PM. If you take it in the evening, the Siberian Ginseng may keep you awake.

What is pH balance?

Ph balance is the term for an important acid, neutral, and basic balance that happens in your body. Any process that needs to happen within the health of your body requires a specific pH balance to function properly such as metabolism, the creation of hormones and other substrates, the creation of new cells, and more.

What is the ideal pH level of the human body?

The optimal pH level of the human body is slightly alkaline.
Pucker-up beautiful! For a wave of health and beauty super powers, packetized in one convenient -follow you wherever you go- pouch. Mix one to two packets daily with water to fit your needs. Whether you shoot it with 2 oz, sip on it with 12 oz, or chug it down the way it was intended (with 6 oz), you'll see and feel the benefits. You won't want to miss a day!
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Bonnie Rawlings From United States
Love these greens!!
July 28, 2019
I drink essential greens regularly and I got my husband hooked on them too!!!!! He used to get stomach aches often and every time I gave him these greens it would stop the pain. He doesn't get stomach aches anymore like he used to and he thinks its because he has been drinking them everyday.
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C Hirschi From United States Utah
I'm Hooked
February 4, 2019
I started using this product because I wanted more energy and I just wanted to be healthier overall. I will be honest, I had to get used to the taste of pure greens... BUT I can honestly say that after using these greens for one month, not only did I have a huge uptake in the way I felt, I noticed a HUGES difference in the way my skin looked!
4 of 4 people found this review helpful.
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