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Product Code: ML FMSO

Reel in the benefits of the purest omega-3s in all the seven seas! Our salmon is caught fresh off the cold and pristine shorelines of Alaska, for the highest purity oil swimming around in the market today - for benefits that are nothing but fresh off the hook.
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• Balance cholesterol levels
• Improve cognitive function
• Promote healthy aging
• Increase health of the eyes, nails and skin

Contains: Fish (Salmon).
Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin.

Where do you source your Salmon Oil?

Wild is the word, which is to say we ONLY use wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon. Fisherman catch wild Alaskan sockeye salmon as it returns from the ocean. Immediately upon capture we extract the oil, enabling us to have a fresh, non-rancid, and non-degraded oil. In this case, timing is everything.

Is wild Alaskan sockeye salmon a sustainable source?

Yes, Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is among the most environmentally sustainable fish species on the planet.

Why is it important to keep Omega Fatty Acids balanced in the body?

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is rich in Omega 6's and 9's, which are inflammatory and deficient in Omega 3's, which are anti-inflammatory. This imbalance can create an overly inflammatory in the response of the body.
The catch of the day is fresh health and beauty-boosting benefits! Take two softgels, up to two times daily following a meal - for results that anything but fishy.
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C From United States
Best for hair skin & nails
January 12, 2019
This is the first supplement that has not caused me to break out that benefits my hair, skin and nails. I can’t recommend it enough. I am sensitive to biotin so other high end brands have been a let down just because of that. This is the best, not a single blemish the entire first bottle and I took two everyday. My hair is noticeably thicker. Buy these, you won’t regret it!
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