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Product Code: ML SS

Zero calorie and zero regret! This sugar free fiber supplement, will sweeten your day with benefits that help things movin' and groovin' naturally.
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This product helps to:

• Improve digestion
• Substitute sugar and harmful sweeteners
• Sweeten food naturally
• Increases Fiber Intake

What other benefits does M’lis Sweet have?

SWEET is also a fiber supplement. A healthy digestive tract can help boost the immune system.

Can I use M’lis Sweet on a Candida program?

Yes! SWEET can be used with all M’lis nutritional programs. It’s soluble fiber and acts like a sponge to aid detoxification.

Do I need to take M’lis Fiber if I am taking Sweet?

FIBER and SWEET work synergistically together. SWEET is soluble fiber and compliments to insoluble fiber of the M'lis FIBER supplement.

How can I use M’lis Sweet?

Use SWEET to sweeten herbal teas, on cold or hot cereal, in smoothies or protein drinks, or any food that needs flavor enhancing.

Can I bake with Sweet?

Yes. However, do not use Sweet when you want dough to rise. SWEET will kill yeast.

Will heat compromise the probiotic values in Sweet?

Yes. Heat will reduce some of the prebiotic qualities.

Where does Xylitol come from?

Xylitol comes from chicory leaves, hardwood trees, strawberries, and raspberries.

What are some benefits of Xylitol?

Xylitol does not need insulin to get into your cells. Therefore, Xylitol is considered by the FDA as sugar free.
Instead of sugar, use Sweet in your daily diet as a sweetener fortified with fiber. Substitute 1/2 part Sweet to every one part sugar.
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